Author Trenton Lee Stewart Visits Inly


“Trenton Lee Stewart came to our school to talk about his books and he was nice and funny.” —Jordan, 4th grade

“He really inspired me to read his books.” —Seynab, 6th grade

I would love to write novels like his.” —Daphne, 6th grade

“Trenton Lee Stewart is a funny guy with a good sense of humor. His books are a good choice if you are looking for a good read.” —Nathan, 6th grade

Thanks to our friends at Buttonwood Books and Toys, Trenton Lee Stewart visited Inly this week to talk with Inly’s Upper Elementary students about his very successful Mysterious Benedict Society books, especially the most recent installment: The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma.

“When I heard that Trenton Lee Stewart was coming to our school, I was so excited. I love the books and think they have great characters and interesting plot lines full of surprises. He answered all our questions with detail. Overall, I loved his presentation.” —Lucy, 6th grade

When Stewart asked for a show of hands from students who have read the first book in his series, he got an enthusiastic response.

“I thought his books were good and smart.” —Joseph, 4th grade

Talking about his quirky characters, Stewart said: “I wish I had Reynie’s shrewdness and his gift of perception, just as I wish I could read as quickly and remember as well as Sticky does, and be as acrobatic at Kate, and have a fraction of Constance’s ability to say what she thinks.”

“He was very creative.” —Alexa, 5th grade

“He was very inspiring and encouraged me to want to finish my stories.” —Clara, 5th grade

The UE students had lots of questions about how Stewart gets his ideas and about a possible movie adaptation of the books.  One of Stewart’s own sons attends a Montessori preschool in Arkansas, so he was quite comfortable with the environment and had many wonderful things to say about our students.

This student’s review sums up the visit perfectly:

“Trenton Lee Stewart:
• Nice
• Thirsty
• Funny
• Creative
• Smart
• Awesome
• Tall
• Interesting
• Unusual
• A secret agent”

—Cole, 5th grade

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