A Typical Inly School Morning Share: Chinese New Year Parade, Geography Lesson, Songs, and More

By Martha Leta, Inly Parent

“Go big or go home,” or rather “Go wig or go home” was the prevailing theme at Wednesday’s Morning Share, which featured Dragons! And Tigers! And Big Hair! Oh my!


The line-up included performances from preschool through middle school. Launching out of the gates with a cuteness factor of at least 11, the Discovery Program’s Chinese class, decked out in clever tiger masks, performed a song called Two Tigers.

Photo courtesy of Lou Leta
Photo courtesy of Lou Leta

The kindergarten class, led with enthusiasm by Children’s House teacher Melissa (Auntie Em) Vidal-MacKay, presented a spectacular dragon parade, winding through the crowd to the rhythms of Chinese drums. They capped off the performance by wishing us all a Happy New Year in Chinese.

Talent and enthusiasm continued to abound as Children’s House Two reminded us (in a musical round, no less!) to make new friends, but keep the old.

Photo Courtesy of Lou Leta
Photo courtesy of Lou Leta

The Middle School musical theater elective class, some more wigged-out than others, then stormed the stage and (choreographed by Collen Quinn and accompanied on piano by Meri-Lee Mafera), inspired the audience to clap along to a vocal medley from the musical “Hair,” including Hair, Good Morning Starshine and Aquarius.


Lower Elementary then proceeded to wow us with the traditional folk song, Little Liza Jane followed by an impressive display of their knowledge of the continents. In iambic pentameter, no less!

Photo courtesy of Lou Leta
Photo courtesy of Lou Leta

Matt Browne’s Upper Elementary After-School Program guitar workshop rocked the Meehan Family Artsbarn to the rafters with the Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA and Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, a la Fenway Park.

So there it was, packed into a single morning, a terrific sampling of some of the inspirational programs our children get to experience at Inly. Thanks to all performers and participants for a very entertaining experience!

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