The "Aha" Series: First and Lasting Impressions in CH1

This week, we asked Susan Fitzgerald from the Children’s House One class to share some of her favorite stories that illustrate those moments of joyful discovery when an idea really clicks for a student and the “aha!” epiphany brings new life to learning.


Susan’s Stories

Teaching in Children’s House is a joy, filled with daily “aha” moments. When I heard about this assignment, two very special moments came to mind. One happened three years ago, when a new student, a three year old, stood at the entrance to the Children’s House classroom for the first time. The child gasped and exclaimed, “Oh, it is beautiful!” It was music to my ears, for I had spent many hours preparing the environment for the children to enjoy.

The second “aha” moment happened last week, when a former Children’s House student came to visit for lunch. He is now in 8th grade at Inly. I was honored that he would even make time to visit with his busy schedule. We sat at the round table reminiscing while the kindergarten students sat, listening in. He seemed to disappear for a few minutes but soon we saw his head pop up from behind the sensorial shelves. “Hey, I remember this work,” he said, holding the object in his hands. He went on to find many other familiar materials, examining them like he did eight years ago. The materials certainly have served the test of time. I am grateful for all of the “aha” moments and for working with such amazing children every day!

[This post originally appeared in Rhythm & News, the Inly School newsletter, on February 27, 2009.]

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