The "Aha" Series: 'Of course you can do grammar' in LE2

This week, we asked our teachers in the Lower Elementary Two class, Margie Morgan and Alexa Hickman, to share some of her favorite stories that illustrate those moments of joyful discovery when an idea really clicks for a student and the “aha!” epiphany brings new life to learning.


Margie’s Grammar Story

Recently on a rainy afternoon we had indoor recess. The class was looking forward to taking out our recess games, coloring pictures, and playing in the classroom. Two students came over to me full of enthusiasm and asked if they could take out grammar work instead. I asked if they were sure they wanted to do work instead of play, and they answered, “Yeah, yeah, we’re sure!”

“Well then, of course you can do grammar,” I replied. They skipped away happily and took out the verb command cards. They read the words on the cards and carried out the commands. They had a great time acting out various action words, and when recess was over they told me it was one of the best recesses they’d ever had! Children never cease to amaze me in their thirst for knowledge.

Alexa’s Fraction Story

A few months ago Margie and I were talking to a parent of a child in our class. She was telling us about her daughter, who got into the car after school and exclaimed, “I’m so excited! I’ve started fractions!”—to which her older sister replied that fractions were hard, and asked “why would you like math??”

I love that the materials and lessons at Inly still excite children and foster their love of learning. I love the fact that they get excited about the fraction work. It’s amazing!

[This post originally appeared in Rhythm & News, the Inly School newsletter, on April 3, 2009.]

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