Earth Day Challenge 2010

During the next week leading up to Earth Day on April 22, we encourage all members of the Inly community to become environmental heroes and participate in the “It’s our environment” challenge.

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This video was filmed by the Community Service Club and edited (under extremely tight deadline) by Abby A. ’10.

Here are just a few suggestions from the Inly After-School Community Service Club to help you get going.

Are there items in your home that need to recycled or that can be reused by someone else?  Take care of them.

Is there litter on the street where you live that needs to be picked-up?  Pick-it up.

Is there a volunteer event planned  in your town to clean-up a local park or river bank that you could be a part of? Find out and participate.

Remember that whatever you choose to do, it will make a difference! Then, write down what you did on an index card or piece of paper and leave it at the front desk addressed to the Community Service Club. Or, if you prefer, take a photo or video and mail it to Submissions due by April 22.

After Earth Day, our group will compile the results for all to see!

This challenge extended by the After-School Community Service Club: Fritz B., Selim K., Chris R., Ali Z., Ali N., Raychell P., Daphne C., Laura F., Meg W., and Megan R.

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