Getting to Know Inly

We were delighted to welcome 38 admissions representatives from independent high schools across New England to our campus yesterday for a “getting to know Inly” event. After breakfast, there was a welcome from Inly’s head of school, Donna Milani Luther, and a brief presentation by Julie Kelly-Detwiler, director of the middle school program. Several 8th grade students talked about elements of the program that are especially important to them such as teacher/student relationships, internships, and how the middle school uses a student-written constitution to govern itself.

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Many of our students go on to independent high schools and we understand the importance of finding a school that is a good match. If the fit is right between student and school and school and family, then it sets up the student for amazing success. The better we know the high schools and the better they know Inly, the better we can all serve our students. Yesterday’s event was a long stride in both reaffirming existing relationships and building new ones with fellow educational institutions and we thank all of you who were able to come!

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