The Why Behind Show-and-Tell at Inly School

The Children’s House preschool classes kicked off their Show-and-Tell series this year with great success. Students were asked to bring in one of their favorite things to share with the class, and the children in CH2 rose to the challenge by bringing in objects like hand-made kites, toy cars, and even a few baby chicks.

During circle time, each student had an opportunity to display and talk to their classmates about their item and its personal importance. Afterward, the presenter took questions from the audience.

The baby chicks were a big hit, as one boy showed off the surprise they found at their house just days before. The students had a chance to hold the chicks and even see a chick that was in the process of being hatched from an egg.

Other students brought in treats from the tooth fairy, a family scrapbook, and a menagerie of stuffed animals. Through the presentations all the children are introduced to the new ideas and interests of their peers.

This monthly activity offers great opportunities for learning and practicing presentation skills. The younger children observe the older children presenting, and with guidance from their teachers and friends, learn to gather their thoughts, speak clearly, make their voices heard, and answer questions in front of the class. Everyone has the opportunity to work on these listening skills and how to be a supportive and polite audience and friend.

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