Diary of a Middle School Golde, Part Two

By Ali Z. (8th grade)

Hi! It’s Ali again, refreshed by a long weekend! Today we learned “Anatevka,” the last number in Fiddler of the Roof. It’s a slow and depressing song, because something life-altering has happened to all the residents of the town (I’m not telling you what!). All through the show, my character, Golde, is supposed to be very unemotional, but for the last two scenes she shows that she’s really not at all. It’s quite bittersweet, and the song reflects that perfectly.

I was struck this week by the height differences between the “couples” in the play!

Hodel (Megan R, left) is way shorter than Perchik (Jimmy H., right);

the person who plays Motel (Tucker A., right) is at least a foot shorter than the person who plays Tzeitel (Grace H., left);

and the person who plays Fyedka (Tucker M., left) towers over Chava (Elizabeth H., right).

And then there’s me. I am about 12 inches smaller than Tevye. Very funny! Thank you to alumna Phoebe Knox (’10) for the photos.

Gotta go, more next week…

Ali Z (Golde)

Inly Middle School Presents
Fiddler on the Roof
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
7:00 pm
Meehan Family Artsbarn
Free and open to the public

Read Diary of a Middle School Golde, Part One.

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