Inly's MAC Soccer Team Starts Off 2010 Season with a Kick

By Zach S. (7th grade)

After a great game at the Hanover YMCA, the Inly soccer team pulled out a 5-3 win over Thacher Montessori School (Milton) on Thursday, October 14, 2010. Both teams put in a major effort and played with great sportsmanship.

Chris G. (7th grade) playing strong defense. Photos by Annemarie Goode (parent and alumni parent)
Meg W. (7th grade) in a race for the ball.

The game started with a rapid pace. Both teams had scored within the first couple minutes. But after the first half of the game, the tempo slowed down and the game resumed at a steady pace. The ball went back and forth while, occasionally, the ball managed to make it into the back of the goal.

Mac M. (8th grade) focuses on the ball in the middle.

Joseph O. (8th grade) in the middle of a great block.
Joseph O. (8th grade) jumps for a great block.

The game was tied 3-3 when Inly managed to pull ahead and take control of the game with several great shots on goal. Joseph O. bumped the score up to 5-3 with two amazing shots on net. He had the chance to take those two goals because of a great defense getting the ball up the field and great offense passing towards the goal.

John B. (7th grade) congratulating his team mate on a good play.

In the last minutes of the game, both teams upped their effort and put all they had into playing the sport that they love. But, after a fast and thriving five minutes, the determined Inly soccer team achieved success and took home the win.


  1. Zach,
    Having witnessed the game in person, I can tell you that your words made me feel like I was right back there on game day! You did a super job capturing the moment.
    Of course, you played a great game, too! Your goal kicks and throw-ins were amazing! Keep up the great work and remember that teams win games…individuals don’t! (But you already know that since you’re an Inly kid!) 🙂
    Fond regards,
    Coach Cathy

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