Diary of a Middle School Golde, Part Three

By Ali Z. (8th grade)

Greetings from Golde!

Last week, we rehearsed all the group numbers in Fiddler on the Roof, like “Tradition” and “The Dream.” I feel really confident with the play’s progress! Sure, we need a little help memorizing the songs, but what kind of show would it be if we didn’t have to work hard for it? Everyone looks like they’re having a lot of fun, and the songs are sounding BEAUTIFUL! We’re getting the movements down, and “The Dream” is fabulous!

At one point, I have to start pushing Tevye (Mac M.) around the stage, and it’s SO much fun!!! I’m getting really excited for the play. We’re going to have the next week without rehearsals, which makes me kinda nervous because the play’s so close, but I have faith that we’ll do great, no matter what.

Today we ran through all the scenes in the play, which was really cool and a lot of fun. In the scene after the dream, there are people gossiping about Motel marrying Tzeitel, and one of the people said by accident, “Did you hear? Motel’s marrying Tevye!” Everyone burst out laughing!

One of my scenes is very serious, and I have to tell Tevye that one of our daughters eloped, but I just can’t pronounce the name of the man she elopes with! His name is Fyedka, (pronounced Fee-ED-ka) but I keep saying Fredrika!

I’m really nervous about the bottle dance, because we’re going to be using real bottles and NO velcro. It’s going to be completely real. I can just imagine bottles flying all over the place.

It’s really cool having Donna (our head of school, above) direct us, because she knows us inside out and knows exactly how to play it. It’s also really funny, when someone else tries to do a little directing, she says, “When I die, you can be the director. Right now, though, it’s my turn.”

This is one of the coolest plays I’ve ever been in. The music is so exciting, the lines are so funny, and it’s just so honest. Unlike the other plays we’ve done, this one doesn’t really have a happy ending. However, just for that reason, the play is much more real and beautiful.

Gotta go!

Golde (Ali Z)

Inly Middle School Presents
Fiddler on the Roof
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
7:00 pm
Meehan Family Artsbarn
Free and open to the public

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