Inly Students vs. Teachers: 2010 Post-Season Soccer Challenge

By Liz Knox

When the undefeated Inly MAC soccer team challenged the faculty to a friendly game of soccer, we said “Bring it on.”

It was only after we gathered on the upper field and watched our competition warm up that we began to have second thoughts. Maybe this was going to require effort—or even exertion. Indeed, it is my firm belief that had there been three more minutes in today’s game, the students would have outrun us and left us wheezing and pleading for it to stop.

As Tschol Slade (Middle School teacher, above in red) said, “I went in expecting pain to both my body and ego. I came out only with sore muscles. Despite the tie score, I’m counting this as a win.”

Ned DiGregorio (MAC coach on loan to the faculty for the day, and organizer of the game) thought the entire event was awesome: “The Inly faculty participation was super. I was really concerned I would be sitting there on game day, alone with a ball, in the middle of the field.”

Denni Edlund (Music and Spanish instructor and someone who obviously knows the game) summed it up with, “The MAC soccer team had some SKILLS!”

“Their passing was excellent, and their drive for the goal was intense. I was also really impressed with their sense of fun on the field, and they way they supported one another. And if they hadn’t had Zach S. on sweep, we may have had a chance at that goal. But with him there, no way. I should have known—he shreds on the guitar, of course he was going to shred us on D.”

“On the faculty side, Jeff Klein (Upper Elementary teacher, below in bare feet) told us he was an ‘enthusiastic liability’ on the field. No WAY! He tore it up out there. Along with Katelyn Chase (Bridging teacher), who told us she had never played. I just don’t believe her, she was such a natural. And might I just add here that Liz Knox may have had some training as a goalie in the past? She fielded those pickups with the touch of a veteran.”

“I love ‘peeling the onion’ and getting to know people in different settings,” said Denni. “The soccer layer was superb, and showed me again the joy and camaraderie that we are so lucky to experience at Inly.”

Agreement came from Pattyann Zotz (Lower Elementary teacher) who said, “I was not only amazed at how great the Inly School student soccer team was, but also stunned to find out that I was on a soccer team that included someone who played college AND professional soccer [Ned]…I continue to be in awe at the diverse talents of our faculty!”

According to Ned, the post-game word from the student team was unanimous: “A rematch has to happen. The students had a great time.”

Melissa Vidal-Mackay (Middle School teacher, above) agreed heartily. She reported, “I had so much fun!  It was a great game by all, they definitely kept us on our toes…definitely a rematch is in order!”

“I would play again for sure!” exclaimed Renay Stewart (Bridging teacher). “It was great to play with other members of the faculty. I’m such a huge fan of always playing, no matter what your age or ability. The MAC team showed great sportsmanship and teamwork. The school that plays together, stays together.”

Photos by Lucy K. (7th grade)

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