Student Interviews with Inly Montessori Athletic Conference Basketball Coaches

Inly MAC (Montessori Athletic Conference) Basketball Team 2011

Front row (left to right)- Ellen P. , Jimmy H., Alexa B., Dean P., and Nik M.
Middle row (left to right)- Meg W. , Joe H. , Tucker A. , Tucker W. , and John B.
Back row (left to right)- Jan K. , Suleiman W. , Joseph O. , Chris G. , and Laura F.
Missing from photo- Evan L.

Interview with Barbara Reu, Inly MAC Basketball Coach

Interview by Tucker A. (8th grade), video produced by Joseph O (8th grade).

Click to view the student interview with Coach Barbara Reu. Interview by Tucker A. (8th grade), video produced by Joseph O (8th grade).

Interview with Paran Quigley, Inly MAC Basketball Coach

by Laura F. (7th grade) and Meg W. (7th grade)

Laura- What have your strategy and main goals been so far?

Paran- I think that the main goal is to have a lot of fun and I think it’s important to talk to the kids before they get on the court and talk about the plan and when they get off, debrief on it. Mostly the goal is to go out and have a good time.

Laura- In practice what kind of skills do you work on?

Paran- We’ve been practicing a lot of skills that are based on dribbling and defense and techniques.  Mostly the fundamentals are passing, dribbling, and shooting. And a little bit of strategy in terms of how you can create a play and where you want to position yourself.

Meg- What is your basketball background?

Paran- I played basketball all my life and through out high school, college, and graduate school. I also play at recess because I think it’s fun. And I’ve coached Inly MAC basketball last year and this year.

Meg- How has the team improved since the beginning of this year?

Paran- Well, I think the team has improved in every way this year. The crispness of your passing and general skills, how you shoot, what your position looks like, when you pass the ball, and over all I think the team has improved drastically. Other coaches have also admired the team’s basketball skills and I would take that as a big compliment.

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