Donna Milani Luther Made a Vocal Impact at CREA Conference

Donna Milani Luther is not only the Head of Inly School, she is an expert facilitator in the fields of creativity and problem solving. This month, she brought her talents to Italy as a presenter at the CREA Conference and, according to one attendee’s blog post (, Donna made a vocal impact.

[Donna] was formidable, but in a comfortable way. In my opinion, she created a miracle. A miracle of harmonious collaboration, in the most literal sense.

CREA Conference is one of the major international conferences on creativity, innovation and leadership. It is organised by Eventi Creativi for CREA Italia, a non-profit association based in Milan, Italy. Every April, since 2003, CREA offers a week of innovative programs and workshops to a international crowd of participants, coming from countries all over Europe – and beyond.

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