Inly Middle School Participates in the South Shore Art Center's "Our Towns" Exhibit

Inly Middle School students were invited to participate in a joint installation at the South Shore Art Center’s Festival on the Common. The theme of this exhibit was “Our Towns—Outside the Frames.” Eighteen local high schools and two middle schools (including Inly), were given canvases and challenged to interpret their communities through art.

About Inly’s Contribution

When presented with the invitation to participate in the SSAC “Our Towns” exhibit at the Arts Festival, a group of Inly Middle School students chose to work collaboratively and create a painted collage piece. We were lucky enough to have the wonderful SSAC gallery artist Valerie Forte Vitali introduce the project to the group.

Inly students brainstormed many ideas and decided to create a symbol that could represent the many diverse images of life on the South Shore. Ellen P. (7th grade) painted the fractal branching tree on the canvas, while other students created images within the apples growing upon the tree, representing the fruit of life!

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Hometown visions translated to canvas

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