Exploring Fall the Montessori Way in the Toddler and Bridging Classes at Inly

Teacher updates in the parent portals on the Inly website:

In the Toddler Class

Pumpkins everywhere!

Our week was so much fun! Our toddler friends enjoyed exploring pumpkins in a variety of ways. They were able to carry them from here to there, some heavy some on the lighter side, great for large motor skills and body control. We put them in bins with handles, we rolled them on the floor. At circle time we used them to introduce the “Five Little Pumpkins” song and then Colleen, our music and movement teacher, shared the story with us during her class time.

We used all our senses: smell, taste, touch, seeing, and hearing. Cutting up the pumpkin, scooping out the seeds, feeling the stickiness of the seeds, and the slimy inside of the pumpkin. How does a pumpkin sound when it’s rolling on the floor or the seeds are being dropped into the bowl? We also cooked our pumpkin and mashed it up, and if we were brave enough, even had a little taste. (Some thought it was yummy, others not so much!) We will continue using pumpkins during the upcoming weeks. Soon we will make pumpkin pudding to bring home to share with our families.

In the Bridging Class

We continued our fall theme this week and extended our discussion on harvesting. Over the weekend, some children went apple picking and shared apples with us for snack. The children helped cut the apples during a group lesson and we discussed the growth of an apple.

We looked through our collection of leaves from our nature walk and picked out different types of leaves and followed up the activity by doing a matching exercise. We dissected a leaf and learned its parts.

During circle time, we passed around a pumpkin, talked about pumpkin patches, how pumpkins grow; their size, shape, and color. We asked the children if the pumpkin would sink or float when put it in water. They loved guessing! We then experimented more sinking and floating with different objects. We had the most fun when we cut open the pumpkin and scooped out the seeds.

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