Student Perspective on Being Head of School

Experiential learning (or “learning by doing” “) permeates every part of the Inly curriculum, at all levels. It is part of our educational approach, in which students actively engage in relevant, authentic experiences that reinforce academic lessons or teach skills. It is also part of the environment outside the classroom. One Inly tradition that blends a fun twist to learning by doing is letting a student be in charge of the school for a day.

This year, eighth grader Chris G. had the opportunity to take over for Inly Head of School, Donna Milani Luther. From leading the all-school Morning Share, meeting with each department, granting extra recess time to all levels, and working in Alumni Relations, Chris got to experience a wide range of leadership roles.

Afterwards, Chris shared his thoughts on being Head of School for the day:

Being principal for the day at Inly School is a lot like being the captain of a ship. The captain oversees the operation of a hardworking, dedicated crew. During my day as Head of School, I saw firsthand how much the School and those who run it rely on their leader.  I believe that having an encouraging, reliable, and adventurous principal is a gift. Leading a school is a big job and not many can run it the superb way Donna does.  I enjoyed walking in Donna’s shoes. Serving as Head of School for a day made me really appreciate the effort our great teachers put into making sure we have a thorough and vigorous education.  We have a great faculty and are very lucky that our teachers care so much about us. Throughout the day, I was reminded of some quotes I’ve read. I thought I might share some:

  • “The best confidence builder is experience.”
  • “Most powerful is he who controls his own power.”
  • “A great student is what a teacher hopes to be.”
  • “A plan is only as good as those who see it through.”

The chance to be Head of School for the day is a small opportunity to gain insight into leadership at Inly. Providing all students with leadership education is an important part of the Inly experience. Read about the Student Leadership Summit to learn more.

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