Montessori at Home: Practical Tips for Toddlers, Preschool Children and Parents


Establishing Continuity Between Home and School

Link: Montessori at Home

Bringing Montessori principles into your home can be a valuable bridge to what your child learns at school. Here are some tips from the American Montessori Society on ways to build that connection:

  • Create an ordered environment.
  • Teach real-life skills.
  • Promote concentration.
  • Nurture inner motivation.

Link: Montessori at Home: The Prepared Environment

Here’s more from the North American Montessori Center on ways to extend Montessori learning and principles into the home.

From the Inly Toddler Teachers: Teaching Practical Life Skills at Home and School

Each day in the Toddler and Bridging programs we work to teach our students self-help skills, confidence and independence. Here are a few suggestions you can do at home to support our work at school:

Allow your toddlers and young children to set the table at meal time, and allow them to help clean up. Purchase a small pitcher for pouring; move their plates, cups and bowls were they can get them; and, most of all, allow them time and opportunities to try things for themselves. We know there are often spills, but give them a sponge to help clean up.

Young children are so observant and absorb knowledge from around them. Following what we as adults do and allowing them opportunities to do things for themselves is another way of being part of a family. For toddlers, their work is all about real life!

Video: Montessori Toddler “Practical Life” Work at Inly | Pouring

Read more about the Inly Toddler House curriculum here. See the Practical Life section to learn how materials and exercises are designed to contribute to the development of both small and large motor skills and assist the child in becoming self-sufficient and independent.



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