Montessori Education and Brain Development: New research validates 100-year-old method

Dr. Stephen Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education

Dr. Steve Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education

VIDEO: Dr. Steve Hughes: "Montessori and the Future of Education"

Throughout our month-long celebration of International Montessori Week here at Inly School, we’ve been digging up our favorite reads and resources on the past, present and future of Montessori.

It’s always reassuring to see the feel-good factor backed up by hard science. This compelling three-minute clip validates what many of us instinctively know about the value of Montessori education.

“Maria Montessori really got everything right… ” reflects Dr. Steve Hughes in the video Montessori and the Future of Education. “She anticipated so much of what we know about neuroscience, brain development, and optimum models of education.”

A pediatric neurologist and Montessori parent, Hughes has been spreading the word for years. Take time to watch some of his later videos [see Resources below] for some fascinating insights and recent findings.

Choice quotes on Montessori from Dr. Hughes:

“A skillful Montessori teacher knows what stage a child is in their brain development and they are meeting it, and they are feeding it.”
“The Montessori method is like education designed by a pediatric developmental neuropsychologist.”
“If we decided that the purpose of education should be to help every child’s brain reach its highest developmental potential, we would have to radically rethink school. The task seems insurmountable, yet this work has already been done. In fact, it was done over a hundred years ago.”
“When examined through the lens of environmental enrichment and brain development, Montessori education presents a radically different – and radically effective – educational approach that may be the best method we’ve got to ensure the optimal cognitive, social, and emotional development of every child.”

Dr. Steven Hughes, Ph.D, President, American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology

Read more about Montessori education, cognitive development and brain research:

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