A Week Inside Inly Preschool

In Science class this week, we planted winter rye grass on Sunflower Hill and explored one of the raised beds in search of “mini-beasts.”

Throughout the week, Children’s House (CH) students have been learning about how apples develop. The process from seed to fruit is known as the life cycle of an apple. In Practical Life, students had the opportunity to wash apples. The apples prepared by students were then used for taste-testing. All students tasted Gala, Red Delicious, Macoun and Golden Delicious apples… the unanimous favorite was the Gala apple. Apple-tasting will continue into the beginning of next week, when we will also chart which varieties were enjoyed the most.

Morning Share this week was a lively event, with Kindergarten students leading the entire school in a favorite activity from Movement class, Skeleton Bones. Donna demonstrated an exercise for developing the creative mind, which has inspired some kindergarten students to play the game “What’s in the Box?” in their classroom.

Wednesday’s Morning Share was followed by an exciting event for our students, a fire drill. All of the students followed the proper safety procedures for this emergency practice – calmly leaving the classroom as a group and going right to our classroom meeting area. This is an opportunity for you to follow up at home and discuss procedures your family will use in the event of an emergency.

At the end of the week, CH students attended an assembly where author/illustrator, Jarrett Krosoczka, shared the story of his career, including his work writing and illustrating stories as a young child. His determination to succeed in something for which he clearly has passion was an important message for all of our students. And of course, he read Punk Farm and Max for President to the students.

[These are excerpts from the weekly portal updates that the Children’s House preschool/kindergarten teachers post for Inly parents.]

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