An Alumni Fashionista Pursues Her Dream at Boston Fashion Week

Molli modeling jewelry at Boston Fashion Week

Molli Morris may have just graduated from Inly last May and just started her freshman year at The Woodward School in Quincy, MA, but she’s already pursuing her dream job.

A few weeks ago, Molli, a self-proclaimed “fashionista” knew (as all good fashionistas do) that Boston Fashion Week was fast approaching. Rather than watch it all unfold from the sidelines, she decided to do something about it.

Below is a brief Q&A with Molli about this experience, along with a few photos of each of the shows she participated in.

What inspired you to reach out to designers for Boston Fashion Week?

I have always wanted to be a volunteer at Boston Fashion Week.  I love how Fashion Week is both a time for the designers to try something new for the upcoming season and a time to bring people together to celebrate fashion. I styled for some fashion shows during a previous internship and I decided that this would be a goal of mine.  Since the application process was different this year, I could let them know that I have had a lot of experience in the fashion industry even though I am only 14. I decided to go for it.

Do you feel that Inly’s internship program in Middle School helped you in any way with this experience?

Yes, definitely! I can say that the reason I got into Boston Fashion Week was because of Inly.  When I first sent my e-mail out to all the designers, assistants, and companies, I included my resume that I learned how to write in seventh grade at Inly.  I did two of my middle school internships in fashion.  One with Denise Hajjar, a fashion designer, and the other at The Sewing Studio in Hanover.  These two experiences were great to include on my resume when I was applying to be a volunteer.  But it wasn’t just the experience that I gained from these internships that helped, it was what I learned while out of the classroom.  I interacted more with adults and learned skills I wouldn’t usually learn within my classroom.  The Inly Middle School Internships have helped me with many situations in the real world and especially going into high school.

The Downton Abbey-inspired Boston Fashion Week event

Tell us about your experience with Fashion Week.

In total I ended up being a volunteer and stylist for three events.  The first event I did was a Downton Abbey Inspired Garden Party.  It was a garden party for die-hard Downton Abbey fans.  Everyone was dressed in early 1900’s and late 1800’s attire and there were actual vintage clothes from that era on display.

The second (and my favorite) event I did was the 19th Amendment Flash Fashion Show.  It wasn’t like a normal fashion show.  It was a flash mob fashion show, which meant we did it in public places in Boston.  We did three Flash Fashion Shows; one on Newbury Street; one at the Prudential Center; and in Quincy Market in Faneuil Hall.  All the models, volunteers, stylists, designers and DJs and Photographers walked from location to location or took busses and cabs.  After arriving at each location, we would quickly line up the models and photographers, unroll the runway, start the music, and the fashion show would happen in front of anyone that just so happened to be walking by.

Before the fashion show, when everybody was getting prepped, my job was to fit and organize all the models by designer and by fit. I also had to run garments back and forth to get steamed.  During the shows and when traveling from each location,  I was tasked with keeping track of all the models and advertising 19th amendment by handing out flyers.

The final Boston Fashion Week Event I did was the Karenna Maraj Jewelry Trunk Show.  It was a trunk show, which meant it was a party at the store, showcasing new jewelry from upcoming designers.  I actually applied to be  a volunteer for this event but they ended up needing a model to walk around the party wearing the designer jewelry, so I wound up doing that instead!

Flashmob fashion show at the Prudential Mall during Boston Fashion Week

I had a lot of fun during the hours prepping before the 19th Amendment Flash Fashion Show.  I got to meet lots of models, designers, and two other volunteers.  One cool moment was that we were in major need of a belt for one of the dresses walking down the runway and I searched for belts all over the studio and couldn’t find one.  In the end, I realized I was wearing a black belt that matched the dress.  It was too big for the model so we tied it in a knot and the designer really liked it so it ended up going down the runway.

Models posing at Boston Fashion Week

How is high school so far?! Do you feel prepared?

High School is good so far.  I’m only a month into my freshman year but so far, so good! I am grateful that Inly helped me feel extremely prepared to enter high school. Inly also helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses.  Thanks to Inly, I think my strengths shine even more now and my weaknesses are improving and getting stronger.

Newbury Street Boston Fashion Week flashmob event

A long way off…. but what is your dream job?

I constantly dream of my future so I would have to say my absolute dream job would be a Late Night Talk Show Host on NBC.  Another cool job I would like to have would be head window designer for Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York.  Though whatever job I end up having I would love to be living in New York City.

Quincy Market Boston Fashion Week flash mob event

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