Inly 8th Graders Attend NuVu, Center of Innovation, Technology and Hands-On Learning

Last month, we wrote about a new, experiential program that Inly 8th graders would be taking on later in the spring at NuVu studio in Cambridge, MA (you can read the previous article here:  Inly 8th Grade Students Get Crash Course in Real-World Problem-Solving).

Our students have since attended NuVu and had an amazing, enriching experience. They were each tasked with designing a prosthetic hand for a child that would assist him or her in something playful. For example, a prosthetic hand that would help the child throw a ball, or play an instrument.

To watch a video recap of our student’s experience, please watch the video below.

To read about each student’s project and see sketches and animations of their prosthetics, click on the following link: DIY Prosthetics.

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