Inly’s 2014 Graduates Reflect on Time at Inly

DSC_0929The 2014 Inly graduation ceremony was, as in previous years, a lovely display of the growth that happens at each student’s time at Inly School. For both the Kindergarten and 8th grade students, it is clear that their tenure—however long or short—has included considerable learning and development.
As is the tradition, every graduating 8th grader gave a speech. This year’s graduating class had many beautiful reflections to share about their time at Inly. Below are just a few key phrases and memories that were shared on stage. If you would like to hear the full speeches and see the class performances, please click on the links below.
“I’m on the path to finding out what my true passions are… I will be a young woman who knows what she wants to accomplish.”
– Ashley Antico
“On February 13 (yes, I remember the date), I visited Inly for the first time…it was the first time, I’d been in a class where you take notes on a couch…That first day, I had more conversations with the kids than I had ever had at my time at Hingham. This was a welcoming ticket. Change is hopeful…” – Dean Chamberlin
“I’m about to enter high school… but I think I’m ready for it. I just have to apply what I’ve learned…take a step back… try to separate my expectations from reality and keep it all in perspective.” – Jordan Cokinos
“I understand why my teachers have pushed me to use my voice so much. It’s because they know that I have important things to contribute.” – Alison Faulkner
“Being different gave me academic self-awareness. I’m able to see what I’m comfortable with and confront what’s hard.” – Quentin Hill
“During my twelve years here, I’ve had experiences that I never could have imagined.” – Caroline Leta
“While most middle schoolers lose themselves during these years, I feel like I got to know myself better… Inly helped me figure out how I learn best.” – Charlie McDonald
“When I first stepped through the doors at Inly, I was quiet, shy, and unsure of myself…What I know now is that Inly has really been the people around me… who’ve helped me come out of my shell. They helped me build my confidence.” – John McNeil
“I believe that fears can define a person. Not because of how they limit you but because of what they can teach you about yourself. I hope that ten years from now, I’ll be able to look back and recognize how my fears defined me and how they helped shape me into my future self. As my academic career continues, I know I will face new things. Some of these new things will scare me…but I’m confident that I will overcome these fears, facing them head on, learning more about them, and growing throughout the process.” – Abigail Park
“To my teachers, I simply take off my hat…Thank you teachers for all that you’ve done for me these past nine years.” – Samuel Sheer
“I value education and realize it is an immeasurable, priceless thing. Being a student at Inly has helped strengthen my love for education. Here we are encouraged to celebrate our differences.” – Rebekah Stewartson
“Three years ago…singing in front of a crowd was a fantasy. And now I’m standing up here today in front of all of you.” – Isabel Witkos
Kindergarten Class of 2014 sings “O Mister Sun
Kindergarten Class of 2014 sings “Let it Shine
Inly School Chorus sings “As Long As I Have Music
Inly School Chorus sings “Our Time

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