The Montessori Magic

IMG_3867by Julie Kelly-Detwiler

The summer months at Inly are filled with preparation.  We pull everything apart, put it all back together, enhance, improve, and beautify. We work on curriculum, programming, and the systems that support the work we do every day of the school year. It’s hard, meaningful, and imperative work that is crucial to building a strong, thriving learning community.

But it’s not the magic.

The magic at Inly, and in Montessori schools throughout the world, resides in the interaction between the teachers and the students—the relationships that are formed, and the respect that is given and received. There are Inly alumni who return year after year, all with the same message:

Inly feels like home.

It is place where they learned to be seen, to be heard, and how—not what—to learn.

It is a place where lifelong learners are born.

A recent article by the Montessori Madmen described Montessori teachers as “artists, alchemists, and advocates,” an apt description, and a great website to visit if you’ve not already done so.   So welcome families, welcome faculty, and as we begin this new year together…let the magic begin!

Read the article here.

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