How It All Stacks Up: MMUN Compared to Other Field Studies

by Justin Cokinos ’16

[This is part nine in a series of 10 pieces of student writing about the Inly Middle School’s experience at Montessori Model United Nations in New York City.]

IMG_1725I always like our experiential learning adventures, but Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) was simply the best trip I have ever participated in. During the conference we got to meet kids from Montessori schools all over the United States and all around the world. There were kids from 15 different countries.

Being in New York City was so amazing. We walked around Times Square, took the subway a lot, and explored the LEGO store one day on our lunch break. We had a lot of freedom to do the things we wanted to do, but knowing the teachers were close by, we felt safe.

Comparing this experience with the other field studies I have been on with my class (like Ferry Beach, Chewonki, rowing, the Middle School camping trip, and Project Week) there are some similarities, but also a lot of differences.


  • Stay overnight for a couple nights.
  • Stay with two to five of your friends from your classroom.
  • Meet new kids and teachers.
  • Practice teamwork with classmates.


  • Usually, we stay in a tent. This time, we stayed in a hotel room.
  • At MMUN, we took showers everyday. Very different from camping.
  • There were nice bathrooms on this trip. Very different from Chewonki.
  • Usually, we have to make our own food (often over a campfire). This time, we ate at nice restaurants and had Ben and Jerry’s.
  • At MMUN, we had to dress in a nice suit and tie every day. At Ferry Beach and Chewonki we could wear whatever we wanted to.
  • At Ferry Beach and Chewonki, and also when we’re rowing or camping in the Middle School, we learn about nature by living in nature. At MMUN, we learned about climate change by conducting research and creating official organizations to help.


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