This Year in Inly Sports!

Photo courtesy of Matt West
Photo courtesy of Matt West

Over the past two years, Inly’s athletics have really amped up, thanks in large part to Jabari Scutchins, Head Coach and Director of Inly Athletics. Jabari has worked hard to recruit more students to play Inly sports, increasing participation by 10%. In addition, he and other members of the Inly community including parents, faculty, and staff, have offered their athletic talents to coach new sport programs like Flag Football, Cross-Country, and Floor Hockey. Jabari also lobbied for Inly School to become the first Montessori school to join NEPSAC, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council. Now, each athletic season includes games against schools in the MAC (Montessori Athletic Conference) as well as NEPSAC conferences. In addition, with the generous help from Inly parents, Andrew Sullivan and John D’Allessandro, Inly has also expanded the upper athletic field to make it a regulation-size soccer field. A new fence, donated by Mike and Stacey Grealish, will also help keep the balls in play in the coming seasons.

As a result of these collective efforts, Inly is establishing a strong foundation in athletics. As Inly’s athletic programs grow, it is our hope that our students continue to learn about teamwork, respect, competition, and many other valuable life lessons. It is also our hope that our participation in NEPSAC not only complements but enhances our existing athletic programming and gives students who crave additional competition the chance to challenge themselves.

Below you will find a few highlights from “THIS YEAR IN SPORTS.”

Inly’s soccer team

Inly Soccer:

Inly’s soccer team had more than just fancy official team uniforms to add to their resume this year. They also had a great season. Most notably, one player scored a record 7 goals in a single home game.

Inly Basketball:

Flag football fall practice
Flag football fall practice

With the record snowfall this winter, Inly’s basketball season was brief but still exciting. Player highlights included 20 points scored in a single home game, 14 rebounds in one a single away game, and 10 assists in a single away game.

Flag Football:

Flag football has had two very exciting fall and spring seasons this year at the South Shore YMCA. This spring, there is a 7–9 team and a 10–13 team. Inly is proudly one of the most co-ed teams in the league and both male and female players alike have been dominating the field with touchdowns, tackles, and sacks.


Inly runners at their first meet vs. Kingsley Montessori
Inly runners at their first meet vs. Kingsley Montessori

Inly cross-country has been logging miles and crossing milestones over the past few seasons. They had their first meet against Kingsley Montessori in April along the Charles River Esplanade. In addition, students have been competing in local 5K’s on the weekends, some event earning top spots in the kids divisions. The Cross-Country team would also like to extend a special thanks to the After School Project “Juice Bar” for making them delicious juice creations for some post-run fuel!

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