Inly Alums Return for High School Senior Internship

Tucker and Chris address the 8th grade students about life after Middle School.
Tucker Meehan and Chris Ribaudo address the 8th grade students about life after Middle School.

Inly alums, Tucker Meehan ‘11 and Chris Ribaudo ‘11, both seniors at Thayer Academy, are spending 3 weeks at Inly School as part of their final high school internship experience. During their time on campus, they have worked with students at all levels, but most extensively with the students in Upper Elementary.

“Our first thought in returning to Inly was honestly, ‘wow, everything seems to much smaller!’” Chris remarked. “It’s also interesting to see things through a different, older lens now. The faculty members feel more like peers and it makes you realize how cool they are.”

“You also see how purposeful the programming is,” said Tucker. “You can see that it’s a long process from start to finish and that each child is constantly building on his own knowledge throughout that process.”

“I’ve also noticed that seeing all of the classroom materials again has sparked so many memories for me,” said Chris. “And it’s amazing how all of the lessons come back, too.”

Tucker will be attending Colby College in the fall and hopes to study Economics and/or Biology. Chris will be attending Northeastern University and plans to pursue Chemical Engineering. The two also spoke to Inly’s 8th grade class about what to expect in high school, how the transition can feel, and anticipating the change in workload, sports, and other student activities. “Inly teaches you because it prepares you,” Tucker states. “I don’t think any Middle School has a class called “Independent Thinking” but that’s exactly what you take away from your time at Inly. And you can apply that to anything going forward.”

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