Alumni Spotlight: Rick Housley ’08

Rick Housley graduated from Inly in 2008, after spending 3 years at the School, attending for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. We asked Rick a few questions about himself, what he’s been doing since graduating from Inly, and how Inly prepared him for the future.

What have you been doing since you left Inly?
Well, I followed up Inly with another 8 years of education — I graduated from Boston University Academy, and then earned my Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Since then I have been pursuing a career as a cyber-security professional (fancy way of saying professional hacker). I spent a few years developing security products and doing research for large enterprises and the Department of Defense. I now spend my time making sure airplanes are really hard to hack. I also met a really awesome girl and married her in October 2019.

What makes you feel successful in your life?
Being afforded the autonomy to direct myself in my professional life.

What motivates you?
Exciting problems, exciting people, and new tools/technologies.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I really enjoy woodworking and the outdoors. The computer and cybersecurity industry moves really fast and woodworking is a craft that moves really slow — and requires it. I thoroughly enjoy this change in pace.

Rick gets to work on the Inly grounds as a young student.

What is one important lesson that you’ve taken with you from Inly?
Being able to successfully self-direct is extremely important in my line of work. I think Inly is unique in instilling both work-ethic and problem solving techniques.

What do you think sets Inly apart?
Its teachers, community, and the values it instills in its students.

Rick presents a research project while attending BU Academy.

Do you have any advice for Inly graduates?
Go the extra mile, dive down the rabbit hole, and take the time to enjoy all of those moments when something finally makes sense.

Share some “Fun Facts” with us

  • Never leave home without… Curiosity 😉
  • Favorite way to relax… Drinking coffee at a coffee shop.
  • Favorite meal… Something simple somewhere special.
  • Favorite traditionStopping for every yard-sale.

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