Multicultural Education

Students celebrated character at Inly School by designing masks.
Upper Elementary students celebrated character at Inly School by designing masks representing different trades from the Civil War era.


Multicultural Competencies for Students
This article outlines key multicultural skills—including affirming diversity, practicing critical thinking, and hands-on opportunities—that help students develop their multicultural skills base, enabling them to create an inclusive community and equipping them for global citizenship.

Beyond the Golden Rule Parent Guide
by Dana Williams

Gender Doesn’t Limit You
by Lindsay Lamb, Rebecca Bigler, Lynn Liben, and Vanessa Green

Adoption Awareness in School Assignments
by Christine Mitchell

Diversity Terms
by the National Multicultural Institute

Moving Beyond Tolerance
by Sonia Nieto

Redefining the Norm: Early Childhood Anti-Bias Strategies
by Ellen Wolpert

White Privilege
by Peggy McIntosh

Color Conscious or Color Blind
by Beverly Tatum

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