Montessori in the Home



Being a Montessori Parent
You are the bridge between what your child will learn at Montessori and what your child can learn at home. As a Montessori parent, it will not take you long to learn that every moment can become an exciting learning experience.

An Interview with Brene Brown
At the AMS 2012 Annual Conference, the editors of Montessori Life sat down with keynote speaker Brene Brown to discuss her life and work. 

Montessori Parenting – An Idea Whose Time Has Come By Sonnie McFarland and Jim McFarland, PhD
“Even parents who have children enrolled in Montessori schools could derive further benefits through the implementation of Montessori principles and practices in the home.” 


Montessori at Home
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Montessori at Home – How to Create a Prepared Environment
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Montessori Terminology
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Montessori in the Home
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Montessori at Home: Practical Tips for Toddlers, Preschool Children and Parents



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