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Middle School internships at Inly School in Scituate MA
John and Laura interned in the Communications and Development departments at Inly School

Middle School students presented PowerPoint reports and reflections on their internships today, and audience members (including parents, faculty, and Upper Elementary students) were impressed with their level of self-confidence, self-knowledge and honesty!

We were able to catch up with a handful of Inly Middle School students for some quick feedback on their experiences during Internship Week.

John: Communications @ Inly School

The Communications department was lucky to have John Barthelmes on hand as a videographer and assistant during Internship Week. The 8th grader worked on shooting and editing an admissions video for the Toddler and Bridging program, as well as an animated logo sequence for use with other Inly School videos. He also assisted the Auction Committee with its digital slide show and volunteered extra time to help with Auction tasks.

An active member of the Middle School’s Communications Committee, John directed and edited the popular Inly Newsroom web series. A huge film enthusiast, John runs a multimedia production company called Warear Productions with his friend Evan and plans to pursue a career in the film industry.

Laura: Events @ Inly School

Laura did a stint in the Development office at Inly during the busiest week of the year! As an Event Planning intern for the Inly Auction, she was invaluable when it came to organizing materials and last-minute preparations. Laura worked on auction logistics from printing bid sheets and assembling packages to setting up at the venue and selling raffle tickets that evening.


Inly School intern at WATD in Marshfield MA
Ali interned at WATD Radio in Marshfield MA

Ali did her internship at WATD, the local radio station in Marshfield, where she learned about both news broadcasting and music programming. From observing the 6:00 a.m. program to helping with the evening news, she observed closely and “saw it all happening.” Ali says she’d like to get involved with radio in high school and college, and then maybe go into some sort of media or broadcast journalism. Listen to Ali’s on-air interview with Donna Milani Luther, head of school.

Inly School Expansion and Outdoor Classroom: Interview with Donna Milani Luther on WATD

Shaliyah: Thayer Academy Library

Shaliyah did her internship in the library at Thayer Academy. She was busy checking books—and laptops—in and out, and said it definitely put her organizational skills to the test. “I had to be very organized every day,” she said. Does she want to be a librarian? “Definitely not!” she said, and then laughed. It wasn’t too quiet, she explained, it was just a bit too sedentary. “I want a job where I can get up and move! I don’t think I want to just sit in one place.” On her last day there she did get away from her desk, to another part of campus. She was able to sit in on a history class, which her father was teaching. “Now that was fun,” she said.

Luke: Music Unlimited

Luke, a drummer and music fan, did his internship at Music Unlimited in Kingston. He enjoyed being in the music store atmosphere, surrounded by instruments and equipment. He liked dealing with customers on the floor (he wasn’t allowed to ring up sales because of their age requirement) and especially liked helping with inventory. “I wish there had been more inventory to help with, because I like doing that kind of work and I like to be busy.”

Alexa: Emerson Animal Hospital

Alexa, always an animal lover, did her internship at Emerson Animal Hospital. Although she admits to being nervous going into the experience, she emerged more enthusiastic than ever  and convinced that she wants to go into veterinary science. “I’ve always thought I’d live to be a vet some day, but the idea also kind of scared me. I didn’t know what it would be like but I really, really liked it. I think I definitely want to do this when I’m older.”

Cole: Loomis, Sayles and Company

Cole took a turn in a corporate setting in downtown Boston. Working at Loomis Sayles, an investment management firm, he assisted with customer service and organizational projects, which he enjoyed. Although he was not able to apply his math skills to global fund management, he was able to solve several problems.

So you engaged in problem-solving? “Yes.” Creative problem-solving? “Yes, I guess you could say that.” And did you enjoy this type of work? “Yes, I did.” Cole said that he liked working in a corporate office setting and would like to intern at a similar place in the future. (Don’t let the long hair fool you!)

Shaliyah interned in the Thayer Academy Library; Seynab was at the Somali Development Center

Thanks to our hosts for having Inly Middle School students!

With both 7th and 8th graders participating in Internship Week, the list of hosting organizations, institutions and businesses is long! This year’s hosts include:

Branson Airport, CT Outfitters, Celtic Paws, Duxbury Art Association, Emerson Veterinarian Clinic, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Holly Hill Farm, Loomis Sayles, Mass. Gymnastics Center, Music Unlimited, Osprey Builders, Pilgrim Area Collaborative, Puopolo’s Candies, Red Mango, R & C Farms, Sally Weston Assoc Architects, Salvation Army Kroc Center, The Shed Outlet, The Somali Development Center, South Shore Baseball Club, South Shore Conservatory of Music, South Shore YMCA Mill Pond, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Thayer Academy, Twist Creative Group, WATD, W. B. Mason, Weir River Farm

For more information on internships at Inly School, see:

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